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From Faith To Faith To The Nations
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Was wir glauben
Beauty for ashes
freie christliche Gemeinde Fürth; Jesus Christus; Church; Kirche; Christengemeinde ;Gebet; Heilung
Interviews with Pastors and Leaders and Fun!!! 
Ipil, Philippines
January 2013 Crusade and Teaching Videos - English/Cebuano
Photo Albums
Inner City-Manila Philippines-Crusade!!! 
Love brings God on the scene!!! 
Inner City-Manila
Free from sin, sickness, and the curse!!!
King Jesus Fellowship
Blessing of the Lord makes rich!!! 
Night with the Politicians!!!
2011 and 2012 Crusade Videos - English/Tagalog
Crusade 1 - 2011
No one an accident
Crusade 2 - 2011
New persons in Christ
Deaf teenager healed!!
Crusade 1 - 2012
Do you want a new life?!!
Receive His Righteousness!!! 
2012 Conference Videos
How To Heal the sick - Holy Ghost Advertising!!! 
Jesus is the one / Healingf the sick!!! 
Holy Ghost and Fire!!! 
February 2019 Cagayan de Oro City Crusade Videos - English/Cebuano
Pastor and Mark Praying for the sick!!!
Pastor Hellen, the organiser for all the meetings!!!
Over 100 came to Jesus on this first night!!!
Praying for the sick!!!
Several received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit!!!
This young man's legs where straightened, grew out and He began to walk by Himself in a straight up position. Was a great miracle!!!
Preaching at a Basketball court!!! Center of the City!!!
Pastor's involved in the Crusade!!!